El Cerron Pacamara, Guatemala

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The Pacamara is an exotic variety of coffee, created as a hybrid between the pacas (mutation of bourbon) and the gigantic maragogype variety.  The cup profile of pacamaras are usually highlighted by crisp acidity, and wonderfull dripping sweetness.  In lower elevations, the variety showcases fruits and sweet herbs, with many stone fruit qualities in higher elevations.  El Cerron comes from the Santa Cruz Village, in Cobán Guatemala.  We found this coffee through our friend Genaro Batres, who's family runs the dry mill and Beneficio for all of Guatemala's cup of excellence lots.

Variety: Pacamara
Region: Coban, Guatemala
Altitude: 2000 + meteres
Process: Washed
We Taste: Milky Way, Plum, Blood Orange, Vanilla