La Palma Y El Tucan Neighbors and Crops

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Produced from our very good friends at La Palma Y El Tucan in Colombia, this is the Third year in a row, we bring you this very special coffee.  This coffee is grown in the Anatoli village of La Mesa, where the cherries are hand sorted upon arriving at La Palma's wet mill.  The processing begins with the coffee cherry being placed in anaerobic sealed fermentation tanks. 

The removal of oxygen during this stage of fermentation encourages a higher concentration of Lactic acid as a result of the mucilage´s carbohydrate fermentation, which in turn contributes to the organoleptic profile of the resulting cup. 

 After this point the cherries are moved into the depulper passing through three levels of quality control before having the pulp removed.  After depulping, the coffee is transferred to the fermentation tanks where it spends an additional 24 hours. The coffee is then washed and taken to the African raised beds to undergo the drying stage of processing for 18 days.   

In the cup you will find ripe blueberries, orange blossom florals, and agave nectar sweetness.