Ecuador La Merced Pacamara

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The Merced Pacamara is a truly special coffee.  It is the second year we have the pleasure of working with this wonderful producer, Alexendra Viteri.  The roasted coffee is just dripping with sweetness, and beautiful florals: jasmine, rose and hibiscus.

We first visited Alexandra's farm Finca La Merced in August while we were looking for competition caliber coffees in Ecuador.  Alexandra, a doctor from Quito acquired La Merced 23 years ago because she wanted to be in a place where she could admire the raw nature that surrounds the farm.  

While La Merced is over 100 Hectares, only 5 of those are dedicated to coffee.  

The farm sits at 1800 meters above sea level in an ideal microclimate for producing some spectacularly nuanced and sweet micro lots!

Variety: Sidra

Reigion: Pichincha Ecuador

Altitude: 1800+ MASL

Harvest: July-November 2017

Process: Washed and Patio dried

We Taste:  Jasmine / Rose / Maple Syrup