El Injerto Nativo, Guatemala

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From the legendary and now 8 time cup of excellence winning farm, we are pleased to present this direct trade coffee.

In the early days of El Injerto, the owners began cultivating sugar cane to produce crystallized sugar locally known as "panela", corn, beans, and tobacco. During 1900 they started planting coffee, and called this section el Injerto (The Grafting), since this was what started the agricultural development in the area.

The current owner is Arturo Aguirre Escobar, representing the third generation of his family. He has worked the farm since 1956, when the production was approximately three hundred (300) bags of 100 pounds. El Injerto has a total of 447 hectares, most of them are between 1,500 and 2,000 meters above sea level, all planted with coffee, fruit orchards, basic grains and ornamental plants. The remaining hectares have been preserved as a thousand-year-old virgin forest, which gives the farm its special climate and adequate conditions to have clean water that springs directly from the mountains. In addition, it constitutes the perfect habitat for flora and fauna; and especially allows the production of coffee in an eco-system preserving our natural environment. The forest area surrounds the coffee plantations. The farm has an annual rainfall of 1800-2000 mm per year a relative humidity of 75% and an average temperature of 73°F (23°C). The soils are volcanic, profound, well drained, and with high contents of organic matter. Recently, el Injerto was awarded the distinction of being considered fully carbon neutral. An amazing accomplishment. 

This lot is a blend of the Red Bourbon and Catuai varieties, and has the typical really rich body we constantly taste from El Injerto.

We taste: Dark Honey, Orange Marmalade, and Cantaloupe. 

Farm: Finca El Injerto

Origin: Guatemala

Region: La Libertad, Huehuetenango

Altitiude: 1500-2000 meters

Varietal: Red Bourbon and Catuai 

Processing: Kenya Process (double soak)