Santa Isabel, Guatemala

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Santa Isabel is a wonderful farm located in the department of Santa Rosa , 64 kilometers southeast of Guatemala City. The region's volcanic soil and micro-climate are ideal for cultivating the finest quality coffee. There is a slight mist along the farm almost year round. This adds to the unique micro-climate but also makes drying the coffee difficult at times. 

Social and environmental innovations are part of every working day at this farm. The women who come during the harvest season get together to wash their clothes at a circular laundry pool which was built with a setting similar to the river washing pools, therefore facilitating social bonding. The design for the laundry pool, the houses, and the latrine system, were all based on the traditional customs of the different ethnic groups, demonstrating the social sensitivity of Santa Isabel towards its multicultural labor force. 

Attention to detail is evident in all aspects of Santa Isabel. This farm has become a favorite of ours and I was thrilled to bring our cafe barista trainer, Ben Silkes, to experience the farm first hand this year. We expect to have this coffee year after year and excited for Santa Isabel to stand out as a single-origin coffee in our Fall lineup.

In the cup, you’ll find: A soft and round acidity, notes of butterscotch, vanilla, dried mango and peach soda.