About Us

Founded in 2010, we are continually engaged in perfecting the sourcing, roasting, preparation, and delivery of the most delicious coffee we can find. We specialize in lighter-roasted unique and exquisite coffees. 

 National accomplishments include 2018 2nd Place United States Barista Championship 2015, 2017, 2018 US Roasting Championship top 10, 2017 Coffee Champs Reno Roasters Quals 1st place, 2018 Americas Best Espresso Baltimore 2nd Place. Business Insider 50 Best US Cafes, Best Coldbrew in America, and Krupps Best Brew Award.Today we operate 3 Philadelphia cafes, and supply wholesale coffee to much of the city, throughout the Atlantic Northeast and beyond.

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"Fuel up with a kicking espresso, hidden in a tiny alley off Walnut Street. Savor the sleek wood-and-steel interior."

NY Daily News

"Elixr Coffee Roasters, this independent coffee house is the cool place to be"

Financial Times

"Elixr is as driven by it's ambitious ideas as it is by sharp coffee curation"

Philadelphia Magazine

"Elixr has become a mecca for desperate coffee lovers. Elixr has developed a reputation for serving real deal coffee in a modern, yet relaxed atmosphere."

Krups USA

Coffees that sing.