El Obraje, Colombia

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Just outside Pasto in the Narino province of Colombia sits the remarkably beautiful and historic estate of El Obraje.  El Obraje has been in the owner Pablo's family for many generations.  Talking with Pablo, over the course of several days, we couldn't help but soak up the pride- in not only his prized land, but also his distinct pride in the cupping scores of his different lots!  

It was a true privilege this year to see that same pride extended into the Pasto's first specialty coffee roastery/cafe where we attended the Grand Opening! The opening of Cafe El Obraje in Pasto was especially memorable to us because we were invited to roast many of the micro lots being brewed those first days.   

In the past, Elixr has used several different El Obraje micro lots to compete with including Americas Best Espresso, and the United States Barista competition.

While The Gesha Lots have always been stunning, hearing Pablo talk about the Caturra Lots and his dedication to this variety is the reason we will keep buying this sweet, and clean coffee. Please Enjoy.


Region: Narino, Colombia

Altitude: 2000+ meters

Process: Washed

Variety: Caturra

We taste: Nectarine, Sugar Cane, Kumquat