Wush Wush, Ethiopia

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Introducing another stunning offering from our Ethiopian selections this year.  

This is a fairly rare variety called Wush Wush, which is an Ethiopian native variety, but made popular in Colombia.  The coffee comes from the Guji zone, near the town of Yirba Muda Ethiopia, and it is meticulously processed at the Ana Sora washing station, which is owned by Israel Degefa, who owns 35 washing stations in the country.  This particular station is one of the highest elevations in Guji.  Although not certified, this is is also an organic coffee!  After last year's Wush Wush sold out in 2 weeks, we knew we had to buy more, and are extremely pleased to present this stunning lot!  This coffee wonderful stone fruit and wild flavors!

We Taste: Grape Soda, Watermelon, Mango, Milkyway

Only available in 10oz bags